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How will the AI change our lives?

Does the use of artificial intelligence really make a manufacturing company smart?

Do you know what you get when you cross a pirate with a slice of butter?
A bathroom. Or this one: How many engineers does it take to change a light bulb? A star and an alligator and because they are bees.

What you have just read is not from the absinthe-soaked fantasy of an at best untalented cabaret author. It is the merciful result of an attempt to teach a machine how to write jokes. Whether you think humor is a sign of intelligence or not, the currently so effusively celebrated, artificially generated variant is undoubtedly still quite stupid. It will remain so for the foreseeable future. But that doesn't mean that artificial intelligence is useless for manufacturing, at least as long as there are people who use it effectively.

Artificial intelligence has no chance against the organic original

We are a long way from being able to claim that systems with artificial intelligence have an efficiency even close to that of humans. However, they have undeniable capabilities that manufacturing companies can leverage today, including preventive maintenance, quality optimization, inventory management, and demand forecasting. So it only makes sense that the manufacturing industry is now increasingly turning to this next stage of development on the way to industry 4.0. But will human employees perhaps fall by the wayside? There is also a dark side to AI, just in case you've never seen a science-fiction movie before.

Calculators have not replaced mathematicians and AI will not replace people

The development of paper and pencil, calculators and spreadsheet programs did not lead to the disappearance of the profession of mathematicians. Instead, it created completely new fields of activity. Similarly, the progress of highly-developed artificial intelligence will not displace human employees in manufacturing. Countless examples from the previous three revolutionary stages of industrial development prove that technology is becoming a pioneer of efficiency and effectiveness that enhances human performance rather than hindering it. One of the biggest advantages of AI in this context is the assignment of simple and repetitive tasks to machines and not to people. This immediately increases efficiency and allows employees to focus on higher level functions.

Artificial intelligence is already changing the manufacturing industry

AI will not be sentient for the foreseeable future and it needs human supervision so that manufacturing jobs can change but will not disappear. The motto is 'Supplement with AI and not replace with AI'. The MySolutions Group will be happy to help you find the right artificial intelligence connection points in your business to ensure that your AI project really adds value. As much as we at MySolutions Group appreciate art and everything artificial, we still focus on developing intelligent and not artificial software.

Would you like to be better prepared for the changes artificial intelligence will bring to your industry? Then get in touch with the AI experts of the MySolutions Group and let them advise you.

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