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A trophy for the manufacturing employees of three industries

Because they love their business, chips can fly - MySolutions thanks the employees of the machining industry

A German company has developed what is supposed to be the thinnest wire in the world. Now the company wants to know whether it really is the thinnest wire in the world. So the wire is sent to Austria. After two weeks they receive a reply letter: The wire is too thin, measurement impossible! The principal is satisfied, but wants to know exactly. So they send the wire to France. A week later the same answer comes as from Austria: wire too thin, measurement impossible! But now the Germans want to know exactly and send the supposedly thinnest wire in the world to Switzerland. Less than 24 hours later, the company receives a call from a Swiss number. A machining employee is on the phone and he asks: Should we cut a thread on it or drill a hole through it?

Manufacturing made in Switzerland - Where employees are the guarantors for highest quality 

You probably already know the joke above or have heard it in a slightly different constellation. But just like every myth has at least a spark of truth, so do many jokes. In the current case, it is more than a spark; after all, the whole world has not only known since watches were invented that products from Switzerland stand for precision and the highest quality standards. To a not inconsiderable extent, these predicates can also be traced back to the employees in the manufacturing industry who, through hard work, dedication and a sense of duty, ensure that success in the manufacturing industry is made possible in the first place. And now that the holiday and vacation period is over, MySolutions wants to pay a small tribute to those employees in machining for their commitment.

Holiday will come- and pass away, but at MySolutions nobody has to beg for appreciation 

How do we do that? Very simple, with money, a lot of money. No, wait, that's not true. The monetary incentive is meant for the engineers, otherwise you can't motivate them to work anyway. We have come up with something different for you and all the other employees in the machining industry. With this contribution we send a tribute to the people without whose help nothing works in production. After all, we all know that no matter how much you like your job, machining has its downsides.

The machining is diversified, exciting, fulfilling - usually at least...

In the production hall it is loud, the temperatures fluctuate between sauna and subpolar, you need a lot of patience, for example when waiting for the required machine to be released, and even the employees or superiors are not always easy to handle. Despite all this, you have left the sun, the beach and the palm trees behind you and have returned to work today. Of course, you would much rather be lying on the beach with an ice-cold drink instead of struggling with a stubborn milling machine. But you are here at work and giving your all. For this you deserve praise and appreciation.

Because it works so well in manufacturing, customers are rarely frustrated

As a machining employee, you know that an entire industry depends on your performance and accept this challenge on a daily basis. You set a good example and ensure that we at the MySolutions Group remain motivated to make your daily work easier, safer and more pleasant with our products and services. We would therefore like to thank you today, not only for your work, but also for your helpful feedback on our developments. Only with your help can we continuously improve ourselves and develop new products that will benefit you at work - because for us you are the focus of all our efforts. On behalf of the entire MySolutions Group, we therefore send a greeting to the machining industry today and wish you a successful return to your daily work.

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