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Robotics - Now it's up to the challenge of the competition!

Robots everywhere - MySolutions explains the increasing importance of robots in manufacturing

Slave labour - this is the literal definition of the Czech word for robot, which first appeared in common usage in the 1920s. But it was not until the 1960s that industrial robots were introduced in the production of an automobile assembly plant. The robotics sector is booming, creating a wealth of new opportunities in the manufacturing industry. These days, robots are able to recognize and navigate their environment, work alongside humans and acquire the skills that are necessary for a new task. Although they are able to perform more and more tasks, robots are also becoming simpler and easier to operate. All this would not be possible without the proper software. Whether in an industrial robot, a cobot or an unmanned transport system, intelligent software is the key factor for all important robotic functions, from sensors and motion control to functional safety. In this article we will show you what robots can already accomplish in modern manufacturing environments and how the right software for manufacturing operations plays a major part in this regard.

From " kinda useful " to intelligent helper

ISO 8373:2012 defines industrial robots as automatically controlled, reprogrammable multi-purpose manipulators that are programmable in three or more axes and can be used either fixed or mobile in industrial automation. Within industry, we consider industrial robots to be workers who can perform dangerous or repetitive tasks with high accuracy. Until not so long ago, this idea was not even wrong. After all, these robots were not really intelligent. They performed monotonous and unsafe tasks and were used for their precision and repeatability. Today, however, robots are one of the main driving forces that are revolutionizing the working world in manufacturing. Here are the specific tasks for which most industrial robots are used in manufacturing today.

Choosing the right programming software is the key to success in robotics

In 2019, we saw that the world of robotics has continued to grow and has opened up new markets beyond the areas of manufacturing and logistics. No wonder, given that robots have proven their worth in coping with labor shortages and taking on dangerous tasks. But today, robots are helping even in once unimaginable areas and - thanks mainly to advanced software - are able to perform unprecedented tasks. The days when robots could only play the part of a simple-minded helper at best are finally over. The appropriate software for a robot is the brain behind the muscles; the puppeteer who pulls the strings; the escape from relentless monotony. Because without software, even the most brilliant hardware is useless. With SprutCAM PDM, MySolutions helps you to program all your robotic wishes and thus facilitate your daily manufacturing routine. This software enables you to reproduce real robotics applications as accurately as possible, taking into account all physical and environmental factors while testing for all possible variables.

How does the proper software make robots better and more effective?

First of all, the appropriate software for manufacturing companies in the field of robotics simulation makes it possible to reduce the total cost of integration. This is mainly due to the ability to simulate real applications without the physical cost. It also reduces the need to make adjustments to the system after installation, which in most cases eliminates the need for post-install modifications altogether, since the processes are already proven. Offline programming, where the configuration of a robot is completed before it is deployed, guarantees that a robot can start machining parts the day it gets activated.

Improve your robots through technology and know-how

The benefits of using MySolutions SprutCAM PDM software to program your robots are many, but in every case it leads to lower costs, shorter integration times and an overall increase of the quality of your robotic system. Typical examples for the use of this type of software in the machining industry include the generation of tool paths and automated generation of a robotic program without the need to enter commands. Simulation is also an essential part of programming to avoid collisions and to check joint limits, speeds and accelerations.

Universally applicable robotics software from MySolutions

The MySolutions Group's product range includes software for nearly all areas where industrial robots may be applied, with a guarantee to provide leading solutions that meet the needs of manufacturers. SprutCAM PDM from the MySolutions Group is brand independent and includes versatile and effective tools that are unique in this field. The same software applies to offline programming for all major robot brands. This is a unique advantage for you as a user, as you are free to invest in the robotics system that best suits you and your business. Take advantage of the opportunity to receive comprehensive advice on robotics from MySolutions! We are looking forward to your calls, mails or to welcoming you in our offices.

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