Increased focus on external storage systems for automatic warehouse management. This also includes the partnership with larger providers of storage systems. The result is the standardized exchange of warehouse information with well-known providers.


Extension of the products

Extension of the products with the maintenance monitoring (monitoring). This enables the simple and legally compliant implementation of maintenance activities. In addition to the considerable time savings in the area of ​​maintenance, the automatic documentation also allows quick and uncomplicated certification of the company.


Product news

World Premiere 2D.ID Identification of cutting tools. This solution allows more cost-effective identification than comparable RFID solutions and supports central data storage.


Expansion from MyXPert

Expansion of the MyXPert database with the OfficeManager module. This module closes the last gap to a fully fledged ERP system including automated ordering.


Complement with VirtualCAM

Supplementing the product range with the VirtualCAM module. This module completes the product range of MySolutions and closes the gap to workpiece programming. The VirtualCAM solution focuses on interactive programming.


Extension of the database

Extension of the database with the ToolManager module. Tool management was developed in close cooperation with major customers and, in addition to its own CAD core, also includes an assembly assistant.



Further development of the database solution as a development partner of DMG. Increased focus on customer projects and customization of the software solution.


Own product

Product supplementation of own DNC machine networking with a specially developed hardware component. Acquisition of the first major customers.



In 2001, the company MySolutions was founded. The headquarters of our software company is located in Schötz, in the canton of Lucerne. With our own development platform MyXPert® Framework, we create software modules as well as tailor-made service packages, which we distribute in the Swiss, European and International market for machining contractors and production companies of all sizes.