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MyXPert Monitoring - how BigData optimizes maintenance in smart operations

MyXPert Monitoring - how BigData optimizes maintenance in smart operations

Boss, you know I'm no good before my third cup of coffee." "No, I didn't know that, how many cups do you drink a day?" "Two."

Why you need MyXPert Monitoring or check how good the coffee tastes in your canteen?

Let's say you've been racking your brains for hours over a work-related problem and need a boost of energy. So, full of joyful anticipation, you stroll toward the coffee kitchen, where you hope to find relief from the qualified canteen barista to fulfill your need. Only he has the necessary knowledge to produce the black gold, as well as to operate the complex machinery. If there is no monitoring, you have no way of knowing if the coffee machine might be broken, if there is a shortage of fresh raw materials to make it, or if the filter bags have run out. Monitoring therefore gives operators and, in our case, consumers, access to all the relevant information before they even make the arduous journey to the coffee kitchen and lose valuable working time. The qualified canteen barista benefits from monitoring through regularly updated information about the activity to be performed and the necessary tools. As an operator, Monitoring also gives him the opportunity to point out scheduling problems and make important notes - for example, recording when and how the boss prefers to drink his coffee for his sick substitute. Problems can be resolved as part of the logistics, which are also linked in MyXPert Monitoring, by optimally planning the necessary replacement of spare parts to minimize downtime and caffeine-deficient, choleric outbursts from the executive floor.

Who cannot deliver on time...

...will be replaced by another supplier in case of doubt. Analyses of the use of machine monitoring show a reduction of up to 30 percent in maintenance costs and up to 70 percent fewer unplanned downtimes or malfunctions. A study shows that only about 15 percent of time is spent on maintenance through planned maintenance, while unplanned maintenance repairs account for about 40 percent of production time. Planned maintenance thus offers enormous savings potential in terms of costs and time, and the investments are quickly amortized. Productivity increases, maintenance and service costs decrease, and production quality and planning reliability increase.

An advanced communication network - Big Data meets the Smart Factory

The challenges in the area of maintenance lie primarily in the seamless recording of data for the specified preventive and maintenance measures. Furthermore, the best possible use of tools and operating resources on the machine naturally also plays a role. Digital machine and plant monitoring as part of MyXPert Monitoring optimizes all these areas and can do even more. With constantly rising energy costs, requirements and regulations, the energy consumption factor in particular can no longer be ignored. In the absence of preventive maintenance, downtime for necessary machine repairs and increased wear and tear must also be taken into account. MySolutions' MyXPert Monitoring enables jobs to be accelerated through optimized setup process minimization, energy and time consumption for filter changes, tool breakage and the like to be minimized, and costs to be reduced.

Perfect monitoring combines maintenance, production and logistics - but what about safety?

Everything that is connected to the Internet represents an attack surface. The security factor played a correspondingly important role in the development of MyXPert Monitoring. The electronic signature pad, for example, captures the most important static and dynamic biometric characteristics that can be derived from the data captured electronically via a signature pad. In some areas, the signature data should also be compared automatically, which is then referred to as verification.

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