MyXPert SmartSet

Where most people only think about the measurement process, MyXPert® SmartSet offers a seamlessly integrable concept. Unlike to a decentral RFID solution, each tool is identified with a digital fingerprint and connected to the MyXPert® database. With this connection, it is possible to access all information for the set-up process at any time.

Tool presetting with SmartSet
1. Tool assembly based on the template from the MyXPert database
2. Scan of the 2D.ID code on the tool
3. The nominal values appear on the alfa-set tool presetter
4. The actual values will be automatically saved in the database
5. Tracking of the tool during the entire process
6. The technology data and measured values gets written into the machine control
7. At the end of the tool lifetime, the whole process starts again


The logistical parameters should not be ignored besides all the technical information. In the MyXPert® database, an article is always managed in two sectors, logistical and technical. With this extended view on the article it is possible to support technicians and simplify logistical processes. It is possible to provide all necessary information to the technician to speed up the setup process and at the same time provide reliable information to executives and simplify the order process.

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