Frequently asked questions

  • How can I get a current machine allocation or machine utilization?

    In the Resource / Machine mask view, all routings including operations are displayed in the utilization submenu.

    Show load

  • I have MyXPert VirtualCAM installed. How do I get the fastest results?

    During installation, the link to the Video Tutorials will be placed on the desktop. Here, the most important steps in programming wiht the MyXPert VirtualCAM are explained.

  • It is possible to save the processing result?

    The machining result can be exported as a static file in the Simulation via Right-Click, Simulation, Save Simulation Result window.
    The simulation method sould be set to Solid, otherwiese a very large file will be created.

    Save simulation result

  • Which programming language is used for the postprocessor generator?

    The programming language of the postprocessor generator is a pascal-like, but still a proprietary programming language. We are also happy to offer you training according to our well-known models: coaching@web, coaching@class andcoaching@customer.

    If you are interested, you can contact us via the contact form or directly by e-mail!

  • I imported a part, but I can`t see it. Why?

    The part is outside of the screen view, with the funktion "show all" the porkpiece is automatically centered in the center of the screen. It is also possible that the funktion "Model geometry visible" is switched off.


  • How can I output the values of the custom additional information in the postprocessor?

    To do this in postprocessor generator, use the following commande:


  • How can I access the number of teeth of the current tool in the postprocessor?

    The following example shows how to use the command (marked in red):

    program PPFun
      iTeethCount: Integer;

      IF (cld[1] = 58) THEN
        iTeethCount = Cmd.Int["PPFun(TechInfo).Operation(1).ToolSection.Tools(1).Properties.TeethCount"];
        output "Teeth count for current tool: " + Str(iTeethCount);

  • Are also frame orders, e.g. possible for tool suppliers?

    Individual price adjustments such as scale, flat rate or base prices or combinations thereof can be created for each supplier article.

    Individual price adjustment

  • How can I load a tool with several identical inserts (disc milling cutters) as simply as possible?

    Interactive tool assembly also supports multiple design. By simply entering the offset values such as: rotation angle information, radius, start angle and angle step as well as number of components, the tool is automatically populated.

    Equip tool automatically