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MyXPert® OfficeManager

   From quotation to order
   Order proposal and supplier management
   Analysis and Statistics
   Individual report customization
  and much more...


Create with a few mouse clicks quotations, invoices, delivery notes, inquiries, orders and reminders. Forget the time-consuming search in folders and documents. Organize your customers, products and services directly in the integrated document management.

The MyXPert® OfficeManager allows you the quick, easy and clear creating and editing of:

  Delivery notes
  Order confirmations

In your company. At the same time, you have the possibility to manage your customer data in a central database. This allows you to create your own products and services, including company-internal products with prices etc.

The management for open items shows you your daily receivables and payables and gives you a permanent overview of outstanding payments.

Several statistics provide important information on revenue, expenses, outstanding debts, liabilities, customer sales, offered products and services in list form for viewing or printing.


In addition to the traditional print possibilities of delivery notes, invoices and reminders, it is possible to generate each of the documents in different output formats, which can be sent as an e-mail attachment.

Individual customer-specific modifications of reports are possible at any time upon request.


Modul Matrix


MyXPert® modules: SuppliesOrganizer ToolManager ProductionManager OfficeManager
MyXPert menu
Supplier addresses
Purchasing articles
Work schedules -
Resources/machines - -
2D/3D CAD integration - -
DIN 4000 parting points logic - - -
Customizable documents - -
Offer-ordering - - -
Order proposal - - -
Evaluation - - -
Customizable billing-document - - -
Optional additions: 
Interface to CAM systems - plus16x16 plus16x16 -
Interface to ERP/PPS systems - plus16x16 plus16x16 -
Schedule-organized maintenance - - plus16x16 -
Links to tool-presetting plus16x16 plus16x16 plus16x16 -
2D identification included
portal: www.2D-IDent.com
plus16x16 plus16x16 plus16x16 -