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MyXPert® ProductionManager

   Address management
  Resource management
  Operation plans

Production information by single mouse-click
Not only helps you to find the correct NC-programs immediately, it also gains you a complete overview on all relevant additional production information, as for example, clamping drawings, clamping photos, documents, CAD/CAM-Documents and much more.
Automatical assignment of programs
Main component of the automatic sorting and assigning of programs is the each time non-ambiguous assignment of a NC-program via intelligent indexing.
Connection to superior systems
Extension and reference to a superior production-planning system (ERP/PPS) in connection with a MDC solution.
Highlights/functional overview

  Latest Microsoft® Windows® user-interface technology
  Freely definable user surface, including layout of the hall and promotion-information window
  Online view of transfer activities, including notes on actions (online-monitoring)
  File of transaction protocolls for each connected machine
  Direct generation of, for example tool lists from a selected NC-program
  Freely adjustable ERP/PPS database information, including online status information
  Integration of ODBC capable databases


Modul Matrix


MyXPert® modules: SuppliesOrganizer ToolManager ProductionManager OfficeManager
MyXPert menu
Supplier addresses
Purchasing articles
Work schedules -
Resources/machines - -
2D/3D CAD integration - -
DIN 4000 parting points logic - - -
Customizable documents - -
Offer-ordering - - -
Order proposal - - -
Evaluation - - -
Customizable billing-document - - -
Optional additions: 
Interface to CAM systems - plus16x16 plus16x16 -
Interface to ERP/PPS systems - plus16x16 plus16x16 -
Schedule-organized maintenance - - plus16x16 -
Links to tool-presetting plus16x16 plus16x16 plus16x16 -
2D identification included
portal: www.2D-IDent.com
plus16x16 plus16x16 plus16x16 -