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MyXPert® ToolManager

  Lathe/milling tools database
  DIN 4000 structure
  Display and editing of tools
  Administration of technology and material
  2D.ID tool identification
  Commercial data


Optimizing of costs via...
...Inventory survey of tools and all means of production, including sourcing and optimized storage management.

Qualitiy improvement via...

...internal technology transfer as basis for a knowledge data bank (Knowledgebase) within the production.

Non-productive time optimising via...

...Graphical tool catalogues of several suppliers as integration module for the NC-programming/ simulation.
Highlights/functional overview

  Freely adjustable ODBC-surface based on a MS-SQL server DBMS
  Fine tuning also by the user with the MyXPert® DevStudio Framwork is possible
  Variable at will application extension through DLL- and COM-support
  Special applications are easily generated with the help of the DevStudio scriptlanguage
  Fully integrated CAD-System for 2D- and 3D-drawings
  Manual and/or automatic assembling of tool graphics
  Links to primarily tool presetter and paternoster
  Ports to all leading CAM-systems
  Data transfer from different internet portals


Modul Matrix


MyXPert® modules: SuppliesOrganizer ToolManager ProductionManager OfficeManager
MyXPert menu
Supplier addresses
Purchasing articles
Work schedules -
Resources/machines - -
2D/3D CAD integration - -
DIN 4000 parting points logic - - -
Customizable documents - -
Offer-ordering - - -
Order proposal - - -
Evaluation - - -
Customizable billing-document - - -
Optional additions:
Interface to CAM systems - plus16x16 plus16x16 -
Interface to ERP/PPS systems - plus16x16 plus16x16 -
Schedule-organized maintenance - - plus16x16 -
Links to tool-presetting plus16x16 plus16x16 plus16x16 -
2D identification included
portal: www.2D-IDent.com
plus16x16 plus16x16 plus16x16 -