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MyXPert® VirtualCAM

  Milling up to 3 axes
  Turning application
  Milling application up to 5 axes
  Wire cutting
  Highlights/product advantages

Get MyXpert VirtualCAM High-End CAD/CAM-system for a unique price-performance ratio! Complete package for milling including 5 axes simultaneously / spinning up to 19 axes / wirecutting / laser-, plasma- and waterjet cutting!
With MyXpert® VirtualCAM you experience a new way of CNC programming. CNC-machines cannot be programmed more quickly and more secure today. As MyXpert® VirtualCAM focusses right from the beginning on the real machine model for the programming.
Highest precision
Within many CAM-systems, which use interfacial and solid-models, the imported data are converted (triangulated). Unfortunately, this conversion process cause impreciseness. MyXpert® VirtualCAM does not convert the model. It works directly with the source data of surfaces or solid (also with NURBS) and thus guarantees a highly precise tool path.
Logical proceeding
You simply position the tool in the processing direction, towards the area you have to machine and press “start” – everything else is done automatically by MyXpert® VirtualCAM. Information on depths, security layers or security separation distances are automatically ascertained. At each programming step you see what your machine really does with the round table, crosshead and tool in reality way.
Processing routines as, for example...
Roughing: groups – several surfaces - Z constant - face milling - contour - drilling out - bore centered in the pocket - 2.5D pockets
Finishing: several surfaces - groups - Z constant - face milling - contour - optimized surfaces - complex – combined - engraving - 2D contour processing - 3D path milling - 2.5D wall processing, drilling and screw thread, rooms, engraving, clearance of edges,
Rest material: z-constant - face milling - contour – optimized surfaces - complex - bore centered in the pocket - milling of remaining area - 2.5D horizontal - 2.5D bezel.
Integrated in your CAD-system
Besides other things, MyXpert® VirtualCAM is a Solidworks partner and offers PlugIns (integrated control panels), for well-known CAD systems, which again simplify the data flow. Whether for Solidworks, Inventor, Kompas-3D, Alibre, Rhino, MegaCAD or SolidEdge, MyXpert® VirtualCAM does know them all. With the help of the PlugIns their processing becomes associative to your construction, which means if your 3D-model changes, you processing changes too.
Using simulations in the right way
Simulations show raw part, machined part, machine, tool path, tool holder and clamping devices. Each process operation is marked in a different colour and is dynamically simulated. While simulating the process operations, collisions are proven, rest materials or undercuts are displayed and with the help of a coloured scale remaining material becomes evident.
The new way of programming processing machines includes

  Full control of deficiently processed areas
  Automatic recognition of drilling in tool direction (feature recognition)
  Engraving of all surfaces with support of 4/5 axis
  Rotary cutting for complex turning- /cutting-workpieces, e.g. crankshaft
  HSC- processing strategies
  Turning/lathe machines with opposed spindle and several revolver
  Wire EDM
  Laser-, plasma-, waterjet machines with up to 6 axes



Modul Matrix


MyXPert VirtualCAM module structure: Cutting 3A Cutting 4A Cutting 5A Cutting 5A+
CNC-Editor incl. RS-232
MyXPert menu
Machinery space simulation
Postprocessor library
Turning 2-axes - -
Milling 3-axes
Milling index. axis rotation
Milling index. axis rotation + -
Milling-Turning simultanious - -
Milling-Turning MW-Alg. - - -
Optional additions (+):
Milling-Adaptiv (HPC) plus16x16 plus16x16 plus16x16 plus16x16
Post-Generator plus16x16 plus16x16 plus16x16 plus16x16
Machine-layout library plus16x16 plus16x16 plus16x16 plus16x16
Wire-EDM 2+4 Axes - plus16x16 - plus16x16
Robotic - plus16x16 plus16x16 plus16x16
External programs (!):
3D-CAD file-converter about16x16   about16x16  about16x16  about16x16
2/3D-CAD Software about16x16   about16x16  about16x16  about16x16

Machine room simulation = Simulation Module (Virtual Machining)
Postprocessor library = 700+ different NC output formats
Index. rotation = rotary axis position + 2.5D
Index. rotation+ = rotary axis position + 3D
Simultaneous = 5-axis simultaneous machining
MW = 5 axes simultaneous Module Works algorithm
Milling-adaptive (HPC) = High-Performance Cutting

Technical changes reserved. Other or additional modules and combinations on request. Optional additions plus12x12 and external additional programs about16x16 are not part of the base Cutting modules .